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Cathodic Protection Indonesia

Cathodic Protection Indonesia


Cathodic protection Indonesia is a method of protecting metal surfaces from corrosion. In this system, the protected metal acts as a cathode in an electrochemical cell. This system will turn the anodic part of the metal surface into cathode by delivering free electrons (electrical current) on the sacrificial method. The free electrons or electrical current is provided by an alternative source. This system is particularly called as current cathodic protection.

Sacrificial anode cathodic protection

image Sacrificial AnodeThe other way to protect metal surfaces is using sacrificial system. In this system, the sacrificial metal will suffer from corrosion in order to protect the protected metal. The common metals that are used as sacrificial metal are zinc alloys and aluminum alloys. Those metals perform as the anode in this system. The aluminum alloys or zinc alloys that are used in this cathodic protection system will corrode eventually. Once it suffers from corrosion, it must be replaced with the new one.


The applications of cathodic protection

Cathodic protection Indonesia is applied in various industries. Industries which involve metal devices and water usually need this protection. Some common cathodic protection indonesia applications are ships, boats, steel water pipelines, steel storage tanks, and offshore oil platforms. With this protection, the ships, boats, and all those equipment will be protected from rust and last longer. This metal protection system is also applied on marine related structures. Some of them are jetties and harbors structures.


The history of cathodic protection

Cathodic protection was first introduced by Sir Humphry Davy in 1824. At that time, he introduced this system to the Royal Society. The cathodic protection introduced at that time was similar to sacrificial anode cathodic protection. It was first applied on HMS Samarang. The metal used as sacrificial anodes were iron. They were attached on copper sheath of this ship. Because of this system, the copper corrosion rate was much reduced. However, there was a side effect of this system. Because of the cathodic protection, the level of marine growth increased. And the ship performance was badly affected by the marine growth. Therefore, this particular system was not used anymore.

After the Death of Sir Davy, his pupil, Michael Farraday, continued Humphry Davy’sresearch. Farraday discover the connection of electric current and corrosion weight loss in 1834. This discovery became the foundation of future research on cathodic protection. In 1890, Thomas Alfa Eddison had experiment on current cathodic protection. Unfortunately, his experiment was not successful because the lack of anode materials and electrical current.

Cathodic protection was widely used in 1930. After 100 years of Sir Davy experiment, this system is applied on oil pipelines in the U.S. Meanwhile, gas pipelines in the U.S started to use this system in 1928. And these days, cathodic protection has been used for protecting ships, harbor structures, and offshore structure all around the world.


Cathodic protection services in Indonesia

services-cathodic-protection-artikelThere are many companies in Indonesia that offers you with cathodic protection indonesia services. Most of them are capable of providing excellent services. However, it is important for you to choose them with consideration if you are planning to use their services. In addition, certain cathodic protection type may not be suitable for the condition in Indonesia.

Some experts on cathodic protection indonesia said that applying sacrificial anode cathodic protection is not very suitable for jetty located in Indonesia. It is because the aluminum alloys or zinc alloys need regular checking. To check and maintain it, qualified divers and staffs are needed. Meanwhile, it is not easy to find professional staffs in Indonesia that can dive and maintain the cathodic protection. Therefore, it is better for you to choose current cathodic protection. However, if you have the staffs to maintain and check the sacrificial anode system, it won’t be a problem at all to have that system.

When you are looking for a cathodic protection Indonesia company, you need to make sure that the company you choose is the best one. As a result, you will get satisfying cathodic protection for your equipment and structures. An excellent company usually have years of experience in applying this system on various structures. In consequence, you don’t need to worry about its stiffs’ ability to install various cathodic protection systems on different structures and equipments. Moreover, the best company will offer high quality materials and services in competitive price.

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